Foundation Stone Community

Collection of contributions and thoughts out of our inner work on the foundation stone meditation


The First Goetheanum near Basel burned down by arson on New Year’s Night 1922/1923.
One year later, at the 1923/24 Christmas Conference, Rudolf Steiner laid an inner Foundation Stone into the hearts of the members of the Anthroposophical Society. It was given in the form of a fourfold contemplative meditation, based on the esoteric formula of Christian Rosenkreutz: 

We are born of the Divine. 
In Christ, death becomes life. 
In the Spirit’s Cosmic Thoughts, the soul awakens.

The sounding of the foundation stone meditation at Christmas 2023 inaugurated a new foundation for the body of the Anthroposophical Society, for the sole purpose of protecting and carrying the revelations of the past, present and future earth evolution, given to Rudolf Steiner by the spiritual world, and turning them into initiatives in all fields of life. 

The destroyed double-domed wooden structure, whose interior had been built, carved, painted and crafted by helpers from many nations during and in the aftermath of the first world war, bore artistically in its interior, what for the meditator of the Foundationstone can be revealed by repeated contemplation. By immersion in its rhythms, the meaning of Steiner´s teachings can be deeply understood and turned into forces to serve the good of the world.