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    Links of activities in the Uk and Worldwide


    https://anthroscot.wordpress.com/ (Anthroposophical activities in Edinburg

    anthroposophy.org.uk/ ,            www.goetheanum.ch/en             emerson.org.uk/

      www.biodynamic.org.uk/  www.anthroposophicmedicine.org.uk/

    waldorfeducation.uk/ rsarchive.org/ https://www.eurythmyassociation.uk/


    If you have further questions about studies or working experiences, please fill in the contact form.

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    Past Events

    HOLY NIGHTS 2023 – 27th-29 Dec 2023

    Phoenix Centre Newton Dee
    As well as commemorating the 1923 Christmas Conference,
    we will look at the third part of the Foundation Stone: 

    Spirit Beholding and the Being of Anthroposophia.

    The programme is prepared by the Northeast Group of the Anthroposophical Society and the Aberdeen Circle,
    for members and friends. 

    You are very warmly invited to come.

    Starting at 5 pm 
    for about an 1.1/2 hours on each of the three days, 
    followed by refreshments.

    Eurythmy Figure I
    Between forty to fifty people met in Aberdeen over three days after Christmas, to commemorate the new foundation of the Anthroposophical society in the year 1923 at the Christmas Conference in Dornach near Basel. At that time, seven-to eight hundred members gathered in a small building next to the ruins of the burned down first Goetheanum. Steiner wished to open the hearts of the gathered Anthroposophists to the being of Anthropos-Sophia, who inspired his work, hoping, that the wisdom of Spirit Worlds would touch human hearts. To strengthen and rekindle the connection to Anthroposophy out of the ashes of the burned down Goetheanum, Rudolf Steiner spoke the rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation.
    At this our third meeting around the Foundation Stone meditation at Christmas tide, (starting 2021) we turned to the practise of “spirit beholding” and to the being of Anthropos-Sophia. There had been talks, conversations, contributions of art, eurythmy, singing and recitation, which content we plan to recollect on the link on our webpage below, during the next weeks. (You may reproduce the moments of silence between each activity, which created a deep listening space, that we cannot replicate on this website).