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Bart Lakeman, the foundation stone as a supersensible being

Bart is a naturopath, psychotherapist and masseur in Laurencekirk

For the Aberdeen Circle; Christmas 2023

This essay compromises:

 DescriptionPage             DescriptionPage
1; Why is the foundations stone a double dodecahedron? 3; The Foundation Stone as the human being 
 The first Goetheanum’s architectural task1 The building images human self-awareness.  18
 The Pentagram  The Platonic solids13
 The Golden Section & Phi2 A 3-fold phi metamorphosis in the Foundation Stone19
 Proportions in colour and music4 The ‘double nature’ in the Foundation Stone20
 Phi as the formative force in nature and the cosmos5 The 3-fold nature of the rhythms21
 The Divine in buildings          
2; The Plant development as a constructive key to the Foundation Stone   
 Larger cupola:    Base sockets development into seals7   
 Smaller cupola; Pillar’s Capital development into seals10   
 The plant’s developmental process and the rhythms12   
 Rhythm 1 & 213   
 Rhythm 3 & 414   
 Rhythm 5 & 615   
 Rhythm 7,16   
 The colour indication to the rhythms    
 The Metal geniuses along the rhythms17 

This essay on the metamorphosis in the Foundation Stone Rhythms, it’s mainly based on the first Goetheanum Column sockets and its fundaments; which (of the human 3-fold) relates to the physical body. Which is like walking through Chartres Cathedral’ labyrinth, but not looking at its windows and ceiling; its soul and spirit respectively. This essay might have just touch upon the first Goetheanum’ and the Foundation Stone’s soul and spirit; it needs another essay.

Any comment on these topics is very much appreciated.

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