The angel Gabriel

The angel Gabriel from heaven came,

his wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame;

“All hail”, said he, “thou lowly maiden Mary,

most highly favoured lady.” Gloria.

Archangel Gabriel, 1918. Marble Ivan Meštrovic (Croatian, 1883-1962).

  • After the horrors of the Balkan Wars and World War I, a disillusioned Ivan Meštrovic turned away from the themes of Slavic history and national identity that had characterized his early work. He began focusing on religious subjects such as this haunting, stylized portrayal of Gabriel, the archangel sent to tell Mary that she would become the Mother of God. Gabriel’s closed eyes emphasize the visionary nature of the event, while the rhyming diagonal of head, hair, and wings suggests the airborne angel’s sudden arrival. (with grateful thanks to Glenn Bard)

(contribution of Dina Leigh in the “Anthroposophy in Moray” Newsletter of December)

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